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Cutting Guide Kits and Why you Have to Have One When working on a large project in the shop it can really be time consuming and take a lot of extra effort just because you want to get the perfect cut every time. When working with wood or medal or even both, the most important thing to consider in order to get the high quality results that you want, is straight lines and accurate measures. Getting those things to work out in your favor can really be a daunting task that will eat up most of your labor time and efficiency which for some people, whom do this type of work for a living, really takes away from the profit and bottom line. That is why owning a cutting guide kit will significantly change the way you build projects for the rest of your life, and you will never go back to doing it manually. Listed below are the many different types of cutting guide kits that are available in today's market for your consideration.

The Roller Guide

The roller guide also known as a chariot cutting guide or a torch cutting buggy, is a great tool for those who work with medal or steel. It is comprised of the cutting element itself and then propped on an adjustable table that can be set to any height or angle making it easy to use and extremely versatile. This tool works well if you are engaging in oxy fuel gas cutting for plasma cutting. The tool is set on wheels in order to make for a movable piece of equipment and the wheels are stainless steel to prevent them from jamming. This tool is also equipped with a knurled finger screw in order to prevent plasma torch damage and any other further damage to the core. Another great thing about this cutting guide is that it comes equipped with it's own internal profile so you won't have to worry about buying anything extra and making sure it matches the profile.

Circle Cutting Guides

The circle cutting guide also known as a circle burner attachments are a great tool for welders and other people looking to use these guides on metal or steel. When creating intricate projects most of the time you are using even cut circles and need something to help you achieve that perfect circle. The Circle cutting guides are the perfect tool to ensure that your circles are being cut in a perfect and pristine manner every single time. The circle cutting guide has a unique twin bar design allowing the saw to cut a perfect diameter every time, by easily and efficiently changing positions constantly and quickly keeping up with the circle motion. There is an offset pin that comes along with this guide so that diameter size can be set and customized to your specific project. The diameter size will actually rely on the torch size itself so having these attachments makes this tool easier to use and easy to customize as well, fitting the needs of every welder imaginable.

Flange aligners

Flange aligners are great at reducing the pin up time while completing your project. It makes for a stress free pin up by eliminating the need to balance a level on two pins which is time consuming and incredibly frustrating for most people. This tool is equipped with levels already built into the system so that you can easily ensure a level work surface without using three or four different tools to achieve the same result. That is why this tool can really come in handy for people who work under a time constraint or are building for a business.

Magnetic Centering Heads

Magnetic centering heads are truly a must for all welders. This tool can automatically find the center point on pipes and tanks of all kinds. If your working with small piping and security fencing you might want to utilize the smaller diameter magnetic centering head to ensure a perfect fit. If you work with large tankers and need something heavy duty, the larger magnetic centering head with the "Y" shape base is the perfect tool to fit your needs as well. The "Y" shape makes it super durable and able to clamp onto any tank of almost any size and it comes equipped with two very strong magnets on the ends in able to find and hold a true center point.

Plasma Cutting Guides

A plasma cutting guide is another must have to put on your wish list if you are an avid welder. The plasma cutting guide assists in cutting even and perfect sized holes within a diameter range. It can be used to cut medium to large sized holes by using just one balancing wheel handling tool. This tool also allows you to cut straight or irregular holes by creating extra support and allowing a better balance and more stable torch surface. Always utilize this tool when working on a project that requires a lot of precision because without it you will likely burn a lot of extra time and unnecessary effort trying to achieve your goal. So if your still unsure about the usage and purpose of cutting guide kits, I encourage you to continue your research and take a closer look at the different options available to you. With cutting guides you are able to obtain a better, more clean look to your projects, and reduce the total amount of labor and time you are using to complete a specific project. Really take the time to evaluate your needs and what you think is most important to you individually when purchasing a cutting guide kit. If the work you do requires more angles and circular cuts I would definitely opt for the circle guide cutter. However, if you do a lot of straight lines and work on large projects that require quick yet sharp straight lines I would recommend the flange aligners and the plasma cutting guides. It's up to you and your cutting guide needs to determine which will be best suited for purchase, happy welding!

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