Top 10 Advantages of Prince2 certification

To get ahead in the field of project management a person should seriously consider getting their Prince2 through agile training. This certification help will help prepare a person to take the exam and is one of the most popular and respected certifications for project managers. There are 10 reasons why a person should get their Prince2 credential.

.1 Build Upon Skills This course of study will allow a person to build on their current project management skills. They will learn new terms, the methodology, the framework, and the common systems that are used by project managers. They will learn how to plan and manage projects of all sizes. A person will also be able to take the project management knowledge they already have and expand upon it. They will learn how to use these skills in real world situations and how to make increase the chance of the project becoming a success.

.2 Methodology When a person studies for the Price2 they will learn the principals of project management and make sure that a person understands the entire process. This will be given tips on how to see the project through from the start to the finish and make sure that it is successful. This certification may not offer a step by step guide on how to run a project but will give a person the information they need that can be applied to any different type of project.

.3 Easy to Start There certification is easy to study, and a person can study for the exam without a problem. They will be able to become prepared to take the exam and they will not have to pay any additional fees.

.4 Get Certified Quicker When the training has been completed all that a person need to do is take the exam. The registration process is simple and easy. There is no complicated process for registration and there is no auditing involved with the application process. All a person need to do is sit down for the exam and use their knowledge of Price2 process and receive agile certifications.

.5 Increase in Pay Project Managers that have passed the Prince2 exam earn more money than those that do not have this certification. They will see a nice increase in their pay. They will also be able to apply for higher positions. Project managers with this certification are highly recruited in this field.

6 Globally Recognized The Prince2 certification is recognized and accepted all over the world. It is considered to be the de factor project management certification and people all over the world are held to this standard. When a person is looking for a job in the government, public sector, or even the private sector in any county in the world this certification can be them ahead. It is highly desired in the United States, Asia, and Africa. Axelos Ltd is the organization that developed Prince2 and they stated that in order to work in the United States Federal Government a person must have this certification. It is highly desired and is a qualification for most of these positions. When a person has this certification, they can work on any project management position and they can look internationally for their perfect job.

7 Accepted by All Organizations When a person takes earns the Prince2 certification they have a great chance for success. The roles of a person with this certification and their responsibilities are defined with many different project management companies. If a person has this certification and something happens on the project and it is not success the manger with the Prince2 is not going to take the majority of the blame. The company will know that the project manager has the knowledge that this is needed to be successful and that they have applied this knowledge to the project. This will also allow a person to select from many different project management companies they may have an interest in work with. If a person has this certification and uses the knowledge that they learn in their training, there is a better chance that the project will be successful.

8 Additional Opportunities When a person has this certification they and the methodology that this work has taught them they are not tired down to any specific industry of organization. They can use the knowledge that they learned in many different organization and industries. They can work with projects of any scale and any budget. This will expand the opportunities that are available for a person that has the Prince2 certification.

9 Honored and Recognized When a person gets this certification, it is highly recognized, and it is easy to show proof of complement. When a person gets this certification, they will be official entered to the Prince2 Successful Candidate Register and their certification will be registered with the APMG International certification. this information can be checked by anyone and any employer with internet access. This makes it easy for a potential employer to verify that a person has achieved this certification. This online site will post the name of the candidate and the date that they completed their certification. An employer can search by a person’s name or candidate number. This can be done quickly, and a person will have proof that they completed this certification.

10 Easier and Less Expensive This certification will prove that a project manager knows all of the information needed to show that they have the knowledge to lead a project. This certification is easier to apply for and will cost less than other project management certification. It is also accepted internationally which makes it highly desirable and help improve a person’s career. When a person is looking to make their career as a project manager they need something that will make them stand out and show employers they have the skills that are needed to be successful. This certification is accepted internationally and there is no limit to the types of projects that a person with the Prince2 can lead.

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